Custom dictionaries

Our Custom Dictionary functionality biases the speech recognition algorithms towards a pre-defined set of terms. It's extremely useful when you know what kind of words or names are going to appear in a given video. It's particularly effective for product names, names of people, technical jargon, and so on.

To use Custom Dictionary functionality, you need to create a new Custom Dictionary first. 

  1. Navigate to Team Settings
  2. Click on the Custom Dictionary tab
  3. Select your desired language, and then type (or copy & paste) in your required terms. There is a limit of 1000 words.
  4. Once you've finished, click Create

Having created your custom dictionary, you then need to specify it when you create a transcription.

  1. Click on the Create captions button, and choose Auto-Transcribe
  2. As long as the transcription engine supports it, then the Custom Dictionary option will appear, with a drop-down
  3. Select the Custom Dictionary you'd like to use, and specify everything else as you would usually


Note: Custom Dictionary functionality only available with some plans, and it's currently only available when Amazon Transcribe is selected as the transcription engine.


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