Custom dictionaries

Requirements: Enterprise, Pro Pack bolt-on

Our Custom Dictionary functionality biases the speech recognition algorithms towards a pre-defined set of terms. It's extremely useful when you know what kind of words or names are going to appear in a given video. It's particularly effective for product names, names of people, technical jargon, and so on.

To use Custom Dictionary functionality, you need to create a new Custom Dictionary first. 

  1. Navigate to Team Settings
  2. Click on the Custom Dictionary tab
  3. Select your desired language, and then type (or copy & paste) in your required terms. There is a limit of 1000 words.
  4. Once you've finished, click Create

Having created your custom dictionary, you then need to specify it when you create a transcription.

  1. Click on the Create captions button, and choose Auto-Transcribe
  2. As long as the transcription engine supports it, then the Custom Dictionary option will appear, with a drop-down
  3. Select the Custom Dictionary you'd like to use, and specify everything else as you would usually

N.B. Either Speechmatics v2, or Amazon Transcribe need to be selected in the Transcription section in Team Settings.



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