Notes and commenting

Requirements: Enterprise / Pro Translation bolt-on

Working collaboratively in CaptionHub often requires communication, and CaptionHub offers built-in tools to help.

Notes and Comments are available on individual Edit pages.

Notes can be accessed by clicking the messaging icon to the right of the language and State badges.Notes_1.png

To use, simply type your note, and hit "Send note" when you're done. You can delete your note if you need.



Comments are very similar, but operate on the caption level – for more specific note making. To use, first click on the comments icon at the right hand side of a caption.


Clicking will open up a comment window. Here, you can add your comments.


Once comments have been added, the comment bar will appear. Clicking on the bar shows you which captions have comments. Clicking will navigate you straight to the captions with comments.




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