Review & approve

The Review & approve section of Team Settings is where you can customise how your users interact with CaptionHub's powerful approval workflows.


Role settings

  1. "Producers can create projects". This checkbox gives producers the right to create projects. When they do so, they're automatically added to the project as producers, which gives them viewing permissions for the projects they've created.

Approval workflow settings

  1. "Approval workflow for original captions". When checked, this allows your users to approve original language captions, as well as translated subtitles. Linguists for original languages can be assigned in exactly the same way as for translations, and CaptionHub will warn you if you attempt to export original captions that are unapproved.
  2. "Enable validator role". By default, linguists are able to approve their own work.This is not suitable for all workflows, however. When this checkbox is enabled, users can be created as Validators, who are able to approve. 
  3. "Validators can edit". Enabling this checkbox means that Validators can also make caption edits. If disabled, they're only able to approve.


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