Creating a stream

Requirements: Live captioning bolt-on

To start a stream, click on the "New project from..." button on the Dashboard and choose "Live video stream". The following options will appear:


Project name: choose a name for your live stream, for your own internal referencing.

Push stream / pull stream: select which option corresponds to how you're streaming media to CaptionHub.

Push IPs: only valid when Push stream is selected. This is the IP (or range of IPs) where CaptionHub can expect to receive video from. You can separate individual IPs with commas, or use CIDR notation.

Source language: choose the language that the speaker will be using for your live stream.

Target languages: choose the languages that you'd like to display. Make sure to include the source language, as well as any translations you'd like to appear.

Custom dictionary: here, you can add any previously defined Custom Dictionaries.

Once you've entered all these details, click "Create project", and CaptionHub will spin up the services it needs to accept video, transcribe and translate captions, and re-broadcast the video stream. Please allow 2-3 minutes for this process.

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