Requirements: Enterprise plans, with the SSO integration; admin access to your organisation's SAML provider

CaptionHub will supply you with a short customer name. This will be all lower case, hyphens for spaces, but otherwise no punctuation. For example, Acme Co might be acme-co. We'll also supply you with a logo.

With your SAML provider:

  1. Add an Application, with SAML 2.0 as the Sign on method
  2. Name the Application "CaptionHub"
  3. Add the logo we supplied
  4. Enter the following details for the new application:
Single sign on URL{short-customer-name}-saml

Audience URI

Name ID format

Application Username


After creating the app, view the SAML 2.0 setup instructions. Please copy and paste the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and Identity Provider Issuer and download the Certificate and send all of these back to CaptionHub. We'll complete the setup from our side, and let you know when ready.
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