Setting up AzureAD and SAML authentication for CaptionHub

Requirements: Enterprise plans, with the SSO integration; admin access to your organisation's Azure AD

CaptionHub will supply you with a short customer name. This will be all lower case, hyphens for spaces, but otherwise no punctuation. For example, Acme Co would be acme-co.

1. Set up CaptionHub as an enterprise app in AzureAD

  1. Log in to the AzureAD portal using your admin credentialsad_image8.jpg
  2. In the left hand sidebar menu, click Enterprise applicationsad_image1.jpg
  3. Select New applicationad_image14.jpg
  4. Choose Non-gallery applicationad_image16.jpg
  5. Name your application CaptionHubad_image9.jpg

2. Enable Single Sign on to CaptionHub via SAML

  1. Navigate to the Enterprise Application you created above
  2. Click Single sign-on in the sidebar navigationad_image15.jpg
  3. Select SAML as the single sign on methodad_image13.jpg
  4. Edit the Basic SAML Configuration

The Identifier (Entity ID) should be 




The Reply URL should be{short-customer-name}-saml


  1. Download the SAML signing certificate (Base64)ad_image6.jpg
  2. Copy the Login URL, Azure AD identifier and Logout URL and send to CaptionHub, attaching the signing certificate from Step 5.ad_image11.jpg

Before you can test the connection, you'll need to wait for the CaptionHub team to complete the setup. Whilst you're waiting, however, you can manage your user access. Instructions are below:

 3. Enable CaptionHub access for specific groups

  1. Navigate to your AzureAD's homepage
  2. Click Groups in the sidebar navigationad_image10.jpg
  3. Click New Groupad_image5.jpg
  4. Name the new group CaptionHub and leave other settings unchangedad_image4.jpg
  5. Click Create at the bottom
  6. Navigate back to your app (via Enterprise Applications)
  7. Click Users and Groups in the sidebar navigationad_image12.jpg
  8. Click Add Userad_image2.jpg
  9. Select Users and Groups and enter CaptionHub
  10. Click Select and the Assign

4. Add members to the CaptionHub Group

Navigate to the group you created above

  1. Click Members in the sidebar navigationad_image3.jpg
  2. Click Add membersad_image7.jpg

Once CaptionHub have enabled SSO access from our side, we'll notify you. You'll then be able to test the connection.

If using Chrome, your users might want to install this Chrome extension, which provides easy access to apps requiring SSO.

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