Q: Which browsers work with CaptionHub?

A: CaptionHub is designed to work with most modern browsers. We recommend using the latest version of either Safari or Chrome.


Q: How do I save my work?

A: CaptionHub automatically saves your work as you type, there's no need to save.


Q: I've made a mistake – how do I undo it?

A: CaptionHub has one level of Undo. The button is to the top left of the translation pane, or you can hit Cmd-Z (Mac) or Ctrl-Z (Windows) if you prefer.


Q: I can't see the timeline.

A: Please ensure that Javascript is enabled in your browser. If it is, then restart your machine. Failing this, empty the browser's cache.


Q: How do I copy Source text to a Target caption?

A: The Source text is selectable. Click once to highlight the caption, then click again to select. You can now copy and paste the source text into a caption.


Q: Pop-up windows on the screen aren't going away.

A: Hitting Refresh works 99% of the time to solve minor screen redraw issues. If you're experiencing more persistent problems, then please try emptying your browser's cache. Instructions to do this are here.


Q: VLC is displaying corrupted subtitles.

A: Please make sure you're using the latest version of VLC: 2.2.1 or later.




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