Adding linguists to a project

You can add linguists to a project by selecting Manage linguists. You can either do this from the project dropdown menu, or by clicking on the 'Not assigned' link adjacent to the language names of the captionsets.

In the screen that follows, you can associate any linguists within your team that have the appropriate proficiencies to individual captionsets. You can also remove linguists from the project.

Associating a linguist with a captionset gives them the permission to view the captionset, but not to edit it.

To enable a linguist to edit the captionset, you'll need to assign them to it.

Navigate back to the project page, and click on the 'Not assigned' link adjacent to the captionset's language. A pop-up window will display all linguists who are associated with the captionset.

Choose the linguist you'd like to start editing the captionset, and CaptionHub will hand over the caption set to that user, alerting them via email – ready for them to edit it. 

If there aren't any users in the team with the appropriate proficiency to be assigned to a captionset, you'll be informed by a message in red.

You can also invite linguists to an individual caption set from that captionset's dropdown menu.

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