Recommended workflows

Single linguist workflow

We would suggest that you start by working through your translation in the Text Pane, ignoring any warnings that might appear.

Once you have completed a first pass of your translation, you can now go through and refine it, adjusting the caption timings, splitting or deleting captions as you see fit, ensuring that all the warnings are cleared and the translated captions work on both a linguistic and technical level. If there are any technical errors in the caption set, then you will see the orange 'Errors in captionset button'. Click on the button to see exactly what CaptionHub thinks is wrong with your captionset. As soon as the errors are fixed, this button will disappear, and it'll be replaced by an Approve button.

So once you are completely happy with your translations, click the ‘Approve’ button, and you are done! A producer will be alerted to the fact that you have completed your work.


Multi-linguist workflow

The multi-linguist workflow is very similar to the one outlined above but, when more than one linguist is assigned to the captionset, there's an extra 'Handover' button. This button is used for situations when translators are sharing a project, or when a project needs to be handed over to a validator for checking.

The 'Approve' button works as before: clicking on it will send an automated email to the producer, as well as any other linguists assigned to this caption set.

Clicking the 'Handover' button shows a dropdown menu, with a list of users assigned to this particular captionset. Choose the user you want to hand the captionset over to, and click the button. The recipient will receive an automated email, as well as the producer who's managing the project.

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