Creating an Original caption set

Once you've created a project, you'll see that the Project Pane indicates that an original captionset is required:


Clicking on that link will allow you to specify original captions for the project. You can:

  • create an empty original caption set, and add original captions in CaptionHub's interface
  • create an original caption set from a textfile.
  • create an original caption set from Timed Text.

If you choose to create captions from a textfile, you can choose whether to split the textfile using either linebreaks or sentences to demarcate captions. Selecting the 'smart' option will fill each caption up to the limits specified further down the page.

If you choose to create captions from a Timed Text (WebVTT file), they'll be given the exact timings from the original VTT.

When you create an original caption set, yo'll also have to set various limits on it. These determine:

  • the minimum duration a caption can be on screen for
  • the number of lines in a caption (one or two)
  • the maximum number of characters in a single line of a caption.

All captionsets derived from an original will copy these properties. You can, however, alter them on a per-captionset basis - for instance, you may wish to lower the character limit for languages using non-roman characters.

Once you've created the 'originals', you'll be able to create derivative captionsets for other linguists to complete translating.

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